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Collection of Grass Straws 8mm x 200mm

Your restaurant’s drinks will be a greener place with our eco-friendly, compostable paper straws. Sipping Green’s Grass Straws are perfect match for any drink glasses. They measure 200mm in length and 8mm inner diameter.

We are very proud to be the only manufacturers in the UK to produce this grass straw. AS the name suggests, the straw paper is made from pulp derived from natural grass. The grass comes from areas that are neither needed for consumption or animal feed. Regrowth of grass is very quick making this paper straw really desirable. It is extremely eco friendly and moreover the production of the actual grass paper. These straws are aesthetically pleasing and look fantastic in any drink. A perfect product to promote environmental values.

Grass Straws - 8mm x 200mm

Grass Straws