Paper Straws Have Become The Best Alternative To Plastic Straws.

The conscious shift towards saving our planet for the next generation of children has rightfully centred around the amount of plastic waste we are collectively disposing of.

Today most restaurants, pubs and big brands have banned plastic straws and opted for paper straws completely. This is one of the best ways to reduce the quantity of single use plastic on the planet.

Paper straw biodegradation

With plastic straws, chances of finding them in the ocean even when you dispose of them correctly are very high. They don’t usually decompose easily and that makes them less ideal. With paper straws, however, the biodegradation rate is very high and they usually start to decay within three days in the right environment. This means that they don’t pose a threat to the oceans and the environment at large.

While the paper straws can biodegrade, that can only happen under the right circumstances. Like other materials, they need heat without oxygen to start breaking down. Since landfills have a lot of oxygen, the paper straws will not degrade as easily. One of the best ways to get rid of them is therefore by burying them. The ground will deprive the straw of oxygen and there will also be other agents that enhance the process of biodegradation. Just make sure that the straw hasn’t been made with chemicals that could harm the ground. You can also recycle them by taking them to a recycling center near you. Whatever you do, avoid throwing the straws with the other trash because then they will end up in a landfill and will take longer to decompose. The best way to ensure that they decompose quickly is by composting the straw.

Paper straw recycling

Although most plastic materials are recyclable, plastic straws aren’t, usually. A large number of plastics available makes it harder to get all the plastics for recycling leading to a larger number ending up where they are not supposed to be. The number of people who use plastic straws daily across the world is large. With such wide distribution, controlling the disposal and getting the recycling right is sometimes impossible. The solution seems to lie with paper straws. These straws decompose faster and will, therefore, be less dangerous.

Paper straws, like plastic straws, can only be recycled when they have not been used in a drink or they have not been contaminated. Only those that are made of paper can be easily recycled. You should, therefore, ensure that the straws you buy are not laced with plastics. Those that have a plastic lining tend to be more difficult to recycle and will most likely end up at the bottom of the ocean or a landfill somewhere.

The thickness of the paper straw is another determining factor. If the straw is too thick then it will not be recycled. The condensation of the paper used to make the straw should, therefore, be minimal to allow recycling. Most recycling companies in the UK are very strict about the thickness of the paper straws they recycle. To be on the same side, check the condensation and avoid using paper straws that can absorb the fluid your taking which will lead to their contamination.

Paper straw decomposition

When compared to plastic straws, paper straws seem to decompose faster. They take a maximum of 6 weeks to fully decompose and become consumable by plants or fish. This makes the paper straws more useful because apart from being used by human beings, they can decompose to form manure that is beneficial to plants or other animals. This, together with the fact that they leave less “footprints” on the ground makes them better.


Another reason why paper straws are better than plastic straws is affordability. If paper straws are bought in bulk they can be very cheap. Bulk buying is possible with every business which means that if you want to get more returns for paper straws for restaurants of any other business, you can spend as low as 2 cents on each. This ensures profitability because you’ll end up satisfying your customers at a lesser cost. Although paper straws continue to be in high demand, their cost isn’t rising and there are no signs of the price rising in the future.

The right company

Since paper straws have to be made using the right materials and methods, the company you choose to work with matters. You should have a reputable company that not only cares about making profits but also cares about the impact they are making to the environment. A company that will ensure they only use pure paper, which is certified by FSC, to eliminate any chances of not having the paper straw decompose. Work with a company that will ensure that you spend the least amount of money especially when you’re a wholesaler or any other business owner, but you end up with the best straws. The pricing shouldn’t affect the quality of the paper straw.

With Sipping Green Ltd, you’ll end up with all the above and more. The company is very conscious about the effect they create in the environment and as such, ensure they produce completely compostable paper straws. They have a wide range of straws for different purposes but none of them leave a footprint when it comes to recycling. The company also cares about their clients and will do what they can to ensure that their customers are satisfied without putting the environment in danger. With this company, you’ll experience the best services possible with the best part being that you won’t feel guilty about endangering the environment.


Although paper straws greatly reduce the damage that is caused by plastics, there is still a lot to be done to reduce the level of plastics that are found on the planet. Some of the ways that you can help reduce the plastics include choosing reusable bags for your groceries instead of plastic bags, properly disposing the plastics to where they can be recycled and finding other alternatives that are more decomposable and recyclable. Opting for metal water bottles instead of disposable ones is another way to reduce plastic. When all these are used together with paper straws, the level of plastics on the planet will reduce. Sipping Green Ltd company can guide you through using paper straw usage to show you the better choice.