100% biodegradable and recyclable paper straws

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The ban of single use plastic items is and will be in the agenda for most countries worldwide for many years to come. Eco-friendly items like paper straws are the new norm, not only in the world of disposables but also other markets whereby research into using new materials, plant based and renewable sources is phenomenal!  These new markets are the future.

Our company Sipping Green Ltd was formed in response to this growing anti-plastic movement and are foremost wholesale and retail suppliers to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and many other industries being forced by public opinion to look for sustainable, eco-friendly options to replace many single use plastic items being used. 

We work with many manufacturers to source eco-friendly, sustainable products and we produce our own paper straws from our plant in the UK.  We pride ourselves not only with the products we supply but also with the service that we provide. Our business is a small family run unit but big enough to provide 100% customer satisfaction no matter how big or small the client is.

We offer a wide selection of striped paper straws, plain black, red and white straws in sizes from Classic, to Jumbo and our Cocktail range. In addition to these we cater to any bespoke needs. Simply contact us to speak to our friendly team, who will be happy to discuss your requirements, and we can assure you won’t be disappointed.