Frequently asked questions

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Are the paper straws manufactured in the UK?

Our straws are manufactured at our site in Kempston, Bedford.

Are they FSC & FDA Approved?

Our paper comes from sustainable sources and is FSC certified and all our straws are FDA approved.

Are the straws biodegradable?

Yes, our straws are made from paper, which is biodegradable and compostable. Normally paper straws take between 2-6 weeks to decompose naturally in landfills.

Are the straws suitable for hot drinks?

Sipping Green straws are perfect for chilled drinks we do not recommend using them with hot drinks as this would alter their longevity.

How long do the straws last in a drink?

Our straws are made using high quality wet strength paper and can last in a drink for upto an hour.

Can the paper straws be recycled?

Unused paper straws can be recycled, but, once they come into contact with food or drink they may not be accepted by recycling companies as they are contaminated. However, our straws are 100% compostable.

Are they marine life friendly?

Our paper straws do not cause any harm to animals and decompose naturally into the environment causing no negative impact.