Do Paper Straws Taste Funny?


Years ago, I remember very clearly when my parents used to take us out for a meal on Sunday (those days it was fine to drink a soft drink, just like everything else we were not so health conscious, not so aware of the negative implications of additives and sugar), the Coca Cola in a glass bottle often came with a paper straw.

It was the early 80s. We weren’t as complainant as we are now. It was fine to have a 1 ply white paper straw made within a factory which didn’t use paper that was food safe. (People were not hugely concerned about standards and being politically correct at the time). We continued playing and we continued drinking through that soggy straw and asked for another when we couldn’t use this one anymore. Plastic straws? Who knew about these? As an article in National Geographic suggests, ‘The world is now struggling to recover from its plastic pollution!’

Same goes for plastic straws. We are so hungover with the feel of plastic in our mouth that we have to condition our mind to accept our blast from the past, kinder to nature, paper straws. Although plastic straws have been around since the 60s it wasn’t until around the mid 80s that they came into use in full swing. And our plastic fantastic world embraced these fine, rigid, paper tubes with love. Thus came the change in our mindset. A new generation of plastic users were born, who couldn’t care less about the environment. Lest, this was not their fault, Sir David Attenborough had not warned them of the fatalities that these products may cause in years to come!

Fast forward to now… it’s all over social media, the news, in the political agenda, everyone’s talking about it finally. BAN SINGLE USE PLASTIC. And so we have started taking backward, small, steps to what we used to know. Life before plastic.

Paper Straws. They give a funny taste.

The taste is natural. Just like we are so used to eating inorganic foods, GM foods, foods with artificial flavourings, and just like that we find it so difficult to accept something that is closer to nature. Nowadays we prefer things that have been chemically formulated. Lets hope that the new generation that is born will never know the taste of plastic and will embrace the paper straw. We, at Sipping Green, are proud of manufacturing drinking straws that are 100% compostable and will not cause harm to nature. In fact we have a super straw that is made from pulp derived from grass – our grass paper straw. Try it out.


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