How To Dispose Of Paper Straws

When we consume a drink or juice in a restaurant or fast food joint, many resort to the use of the plastic straw, but do you really know the damage that this is causing to the enviroment.

People use 500 million of these disposable plastics straws every day. These objects are made of polypropylene (a petroleum derivative) and they never desintegrate completely. They only partially disintegrate into small pieces after hundreds of years.

This not only causes contamination to the environment but also damages marine species as the waste is thrown into lanfills or directly into the sea.

What is the solution?

A solution is the creation and daily use of compostable paper straws.

This is an eco-friendly option, already implemented by many food and beverages bussineses that now use paper instead of other more contaminating options. Also, many countries have created laws that support the use of this renewable material and prohibit the use of plastic to make straws and other related products.

A research study made by the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2011 indicated that paper straws need 4 times less energy to be produced than the plastic ones.

If the materials used to make the paper straws are obtained in forests that are managed responsibly and if the lost trees are re-planted, this will help offset the impact of climate change. Trees are the lungs of the planet and their abundance helps to renew our air.

Another advantage of paper is that it decomposes much faster than plastic. Therefore, is less likely to be a source of contamination and put wildlife at risk.

Paper takes only 2 to 6 weeks to desintegrate in a landfill. Way more recyclable than plastic, that can take from 400 years up to 1,000 years to decompose.

They slow CO2 emissions. Paper absorbs carbon dioxide emissions. This contributes to a lower carbon footprint and pollution is reduced, too.

Paper straws are biodegradable. If by any chance a paper product ends up in our fields or crops it would disappear in a short time and could become fertilizer.

The enviroment is formed by all the living things that surround us. From it, we obtain water, food, fuels and other raw materials that we use to build and mantain our society. By abusing and misusing this resources we run out of important resources an put the enviroment in danger

It is worth remembering that the air and water, as well as the land are suffering drastic changes that could be irreparable if we keep using products that emit great amounts of CO2. We need to act now and make the changes that science have proven to be neccesary.

The impact on the ecosystem when we use paper straws is minimal. People should aprecciate that the materials they are using in their day to day life will not be harmful to them, their families and the planet.

Longterm, small changes in our day to day life are the ones that will improve our planet’s health.